Selected Texas Health Facts

Latest data available from Texas Department of State Health Services: 2006

Sexually Transmitted Disease Statistics in Texas

Chlamydia 320.4/100,000 population
Gonorrhea 128.8/100,000 population
AIDS 12.4/100,000 population


Total Live Births 399,309
Adolescent mothers (<18) 4.9%
Unmarried mothers 39.6%
Low birth weight (<2500 grams) 8.5%
Prenatal care in 1st trimester 61%
Mean age of Texas mothers at first birth 23.9; 41st of 50 states
Medicaid covered births 223,128
Medicaid births as % of total births 55.8%

Death rates

Infant deaths 6.2 per 1,000 live births
Fetal deaths (after 20 weeks gestations) 5.5 per 1,000 live births

Persons without health insurance

0-64 years 27.0%
0-17 years 20.3%

Person living below poverty

All ages 16.9%
0-17 years 20.8%

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