Patient’s Rights

WHFPT supports the rights of patients:

  • to obtain comprehensive and confidential services of high quality which are provided in a manner respecting personal privacy and individual dignity; delivered in a setting free of harassment, discrimination, and in a culturally sensitive manner; offered at convenient times and in comfortable surroundings, not provided based solely on a client’s ability to pay, and available regardless of age.
  • to use appropriately trained mid-level practitioners, including nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and other health professionals to assure low-cost, high quality women’s healthcare and family planning services.
  • to accept or reject services after receiving accurate information.
  • to receive accurate answers to any questions about their healthcare and medical treatment in language they can understand.
  • to expect that their medical records will be kept confidential and not be released to anyone without prior written consent, except in medical emergencies and otherwise provided by law.
  • to make all decisions in regards to their healthcare and treatments.
  • to be free to select a provider of their choice for his or her reproductive health care services.